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Who We Want to Help

Dedicated Pro Players

Professional athletes who want to be amongst the elite by maximizing their health and performance

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Aspiring Practitioners

Sports practitioners, therapists, and trainers who aspire to get a career in elite sports or athlete training

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Aspiring Pro Athletes

Young athletes who want to train like professionals and hope to get a scholarship or “go pro” one day

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Everyone dreams of going pro and maximizing their performance. We work with the elite, but we know it's hard to get access to them. We want to help you get that access and achieve your goals.

Quantum Performance levels the playing field for aspirants and builds an edge for existing players. How we do this is by providing athletes and practitioners proven insights on how to reduce injury risk, optimize movement, and maximize performance.

What We Do for Athletes

Physical Therapy for Athletes

We provide customized programs to help players stay in optimal shape. Our physical therapy programs help players feel recovered and ready to play.

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Sports Performance Training

We craft training programs that maximize a player’s performance potential, unlocks areas of growth, and decreases injury risk. Your goals are our goals.

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Athlete Performance Testing

Using our cutting edge technology we objectively analyze sports specific actions so we can craft individualized training programs that optimize risk reduction and maximize athletic performance development.

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Training Up Tomorrow’s Players and Practitioners by Leveling the Playing Field

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What People Are Saying

I love working with Andy, he is one of the best trainers I’ve ever worked with- always working on injury preventatives and he is very innovative.

Tyson Chandler, NBA Champion | All-Star | US Olympic Basketball Gold Medalist

Andy has amassed a tremendous amount of experience with top athletes while providing the best care. He is a world class physiotherapist, and a great guy too!

Vincent Kompany, Former Manchester City FC Captain | English Premier League Champion

Andy is one of the best physical therapists I’ve worked with. His injury prevention skills are first class. He’s definitely a world leader in sports performance.

Valgeir Vidarsson, Master MSK & Sport Physio, Performance Physio at KR Football Club