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What We Do for Athletes

Sports Physical Therapy

Using a top down approach, we create an individualized plan specific to you and your sport or activity. Assessing your sport's specific actions and your movement, we find your areas of need and develop a plan to ensure an optimal return to sport

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Sports Performance Training

Not Dealing with an Injury but still want to improve performance? We determine your sports key performance indicators and actions, and develop a performance plan targeting your areas of growth to maximize your potential and reduce injury risk.

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Athlete Performance Testing

Using our cutting edge technology we objectively analyze your sports specific actions so we can craft individualized training or rehab programs that help maximize athletic performance development and reduce injury risk.

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Movement & Performance Specialists

We are Movement and Sports Performance Specialists who have successfully helped countless professional athletes return from injury and improve performance.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Combining cutting edge technology and a holistic approach of various techniques and rehab schools of thought backed by up to date research, we deliver effective treatment and training.

Licensed Physical Therapists

Our Quantum team consists of fully licensed physical therapists with extensive experience and education in the field of sports physical therapy and performance.

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What People Are Saying

I love working with Andy, he is one of the best trainers I’ve ever worked with- always working on injury preventatives and he is very innovative.

Tyson Chandler, NBA Champion | All-Star | US Olympic Basketball Gold Medalist

The best in the business.

Baron Davis, Former NBA player & All Star

Andy has amassed a tremendous amount of experience with top athletes while providing the best care. He is a world class physiotherapist, and a great guy too!

Vincent Kompany, Former Manchester City FC Captain | English Premier League Champion