Our Professional Services

Physical Therapy for Athletes

We create a highly personalized holistic therapy program based on real experience and hands-on knowledge of therapies such as osteopathy, physiotherapy and chiropractic care; drawing on influences from alternative practices such as rolfing, kinesiology, and Eastern medicine.

Looking at influential factors such as nutrition, sleep, stress management and lifestyle, our goal is to have you feeling recovered and rejuvenated both mentally and physically so you can enjoy true well-being resulting in peak training and performance.


Athlete Performance Testing

Specializing in sport-specific movement testing, we know each athlete’s body as well as the demands of their particular sport is unique.

From start to finish, we assess biomechanics, agility and coordination, foot speed, strength, power and sport-specific actions.

You’ll come away from each session with increased body awareness, understanding and knowing exactly how to correct muscle imbalance and improve the control of motion for greater movement efficiency.


Sports Performance Training

Actively monitoring internal and external stressors, as well as acute and chronic workloads, we work with you to customize a training program that maximizes your performance potential, unlocks areas of growth and decreases injury risk.

For our professional athletes—to ensure a smooth transition from off-season to pre-season—we are able to communicate with your team’s medical and performance staff making sure you maintain your performance goals + gains for long-term results.


Our World-Class Performance Coaches

Andrew Barr, DPT | PT | MSC | CSCS
Founder + CEO

Andy is the founder of Quantum Performance. A native of the UK, he started his career as a professional football (soccer) player with Luton Town F.C. but his career was cut short by injury. Driven by his passion to help other athletes avoid injury and maximize their performance potential, he studied for a Physiotherapy degree. He holds a BSc in Physiotherapy, an MSc in Sports Science and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

At Quantum Performance, he works with athletes and teams from the NBA, NFL, EPL, UEFA, MLS, PGA, and Olympics. Athletes travel to his high-performance facility in LA for off-season work, biomechanical testing, or for injury rehabilitation.

Dr. Ruben Gonzalez, DPT
Head of Physical Therapy

Ruben holds his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. Ruben has undergone training through Exos’ Performance Therapy and through the Institute of Clinical Excellence’s Management of the Fitness Athlete courses to help bridge the gap between rehab and performance.

Additionally, Ruben is certified in Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Training through Owen’s Recovery science. During his time at the University of St. Augustine, Ruben underwent extensive training in various manual therapy techniques. Combining manual therapy, movement science, and strength/conditioning, Ruben aims to have athletes performing at their best in their respective sports.